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Kneeler by Artikano
This is just a binding design. A kneeler would be mounted on the floor, a pair. The palm of the hand rests on the flat part, and the cylinder moves down and locks.
They work as "hand rests" for a person on hands and knees ... but when the bar is in place the hand can't be removed. There's a faint outline of a hand in this image (if that helps it make more sense). I'll have to upload a better picture some other day.
Somebody do Harley Quinn getting spanked by Batman. For rehabilitation.
So, I suffered a lot of abuse as a child. A lot of crap got buried because I couldn't deal with it at the time. Comes to the surface when I'm ready. But this?

I turns out I have a thing for strong, dominant women. Discipline and humiliation and such like. Receiving, I mean. Helplessness and begging. It's kind of shaking my world. It's like discovering your house had a second floor this whole time you. I don't know about my overall preferences ... I'm still trying to assemble some kind of big picture. But I at least know that big picture is going to have a whole lot of elements I didn't expect to be there.

When I was a child, I was told by some one I loved that I was abused because I secretly wanted to be abused. That I was hurt because I liked pain. So I rejected the whole thing. For decades, for ... well, up to yesterday. I knew I wasn't asking for it, so I couldn't be submissive. Right?

I don't know if anyone will care. I just don't want to be ashamed anymore, okay? I want a woman to force me to beg. So? I'm still stronger then any ten fuckers put together. I'm just ... tired. There's nothing wrong with being tired.

So I'll post some femdom art. I've had a creative block for the better part of a year, I think that'll help.

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Try this on for size: a secret magic urban fantasy world? BDSM paranormal romance ... kind of redundant. Either as an RPG video game or a piece of fiction.

Every warlock would have a (consensual) thrall, who creates a 'micro-sanctuary' space around him to work his magic. There's a bonding ceremony (where the thrall accepts his collar) that connects them intimately. The protagonists would all be warlocks and thralls. Animated bondage equipment, straps and gags created out of darkness made solid, leather sex succubi demons, submission and obedience geas, seers who need strict bondage and sensory deprivation to access their full abilities. High ritual club night. Hmm.

The villains would have to be the puritanical and self righteous forces of Heaven, who want to stamp out all this mortals-having-magic that is just an offense to their sensibilities. "When God says jump we humans grovel and abase themselves. That's what we believe in!" I could frame them as anti-sex virtue activists. Not necessarily working for the divine personage Himself (who is beyond the scope of this work) but claiming authority in His name.

In fact, as a plot McGuffin, the Law of Heaven is this ancient magic rite/miracle that denies power to the humans. And the warlocks, with the thrall bond, have discovered a loophole. A way to sidestep the oppression and reclaim our human birthright of wonder and magic.

The good guys would be modern warlocks and thralls, spells and summoning in alley ways behind party stores. They'd be trying to undo this Law, this ... metaphorical mystical dam denying all magic and wonder. I think trying to understand how the Law acts as a binding upon the entire world. Probably work some geomancy in there, magics related to the lay out of cities. And the magic of stories, so Warlocks might be trying to get certain movies made, or a season two of Firefly.

The bad guys would be the Wardens. I picture clean bright smiles, conservative tailored suits, evangelical warmth, and a barely suppressed blood drenched need to control. They would be able to invoke angelic possession, giving favored Wardens superhuman strength and power. They'd also have abilities to persuade the mundanes, using police politicians and business as a weapon to do their will.

The main character ... I picture him looking like a mountain man: burly and barrel chested, quiet but surprisingly smart. As a master he'd have to have a Willpower you could shatter mountains upon. As I like to say, he can be persuaded but never coerced. His thrall a slender raven haired more-than-a-little-goth with a bright smile and dark eyes who's into leather. Off to save the world from itself.
Breaking the Law
Setting concept, probably for a video game RPG. Work in progress.
Maybe submission is an extraordinary talent for assisting. Masochism could be an exceptional talent for enduring hardships.
Talents so great that they become uncomfortable if they are not exercised. Like a comic book healing factor that becomes toxic if the hero DOESN'T have wounds to heal.
Amazing talents that demand use.
Somebody do Harley Quinn getting spanked by Batman. For rehabilitation.


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